Thursday, August 16, 2012

Last Shift

For my last shift we were scheduled to arrive at the venue at 6:30 am. Of course this was impossible for the majority if the volunteers as the first tube did not leave until 6:20. I arrived at 7:30, after previously alerting my team leader of my arrival time. 

There was nothing to do. It was actually quite a normal shift despite starting early. No weigh-in's needed preparation or assistance. Only two weight classes were competing and it honestly ended up being the most exciting day to watch the wrestling matches. Fortunately help was needed in the tunnel and I managed to snag a spot doing that work. I was able to watch all the repechage and medal rounds of wrestling. It was especially exciting when the U.S. won the gold medal in the 96kg round. The spectators erupted and there was so much excitement. The atmosphere was incredible.

The day finished early so that athletes were able to go to the closing ceremonies. There was a small get together for the wrestling volunteers at the venue, but it actually ended up being very anti-climactic. Pictures were taken and goodbyes were said and then a few of us went to get dinner and find somewhere to watch the closing ceremonies.

I found out later that the volunteers who worked at the Olympic park had been invite to the opening and closing ceremonies, that was not an option for my group unfortunately. I would have liked to have watched the closing ceremonies in  the Olympic park, instead we found a screen in a park to watch the ceremony.  It was very busy at the park and I didn't stay for the whole thing. I ended up watching the final parts of the ceremonies back at my hosts house, which was great. No crowds, no shoving, and the ability to determine how cold or hot I was.

Then it was done. Two years of anticipation, application, interviews, preparations, fundraising, planning, scheduling, and in two weeks it was all over.

Now what?

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