Friday, August 10, 2012

Jumping around

So I am going to jump around in this blog and try to catch everyone up on my week. I have been kept very busy during my shifts, and exhausted when I'm finished so I haven't really organized my thoughts or what I should put on the blog. Although Clarissa's bronze medal win had to be put up because it was so exciting.

Let me go back to this past Sunday, this was the first day of greco-roman competition and it was fairly exciting. The USA had two athletes competing and one lost and one won in the first round. The athlete who won his first round lost his second, and the other athlete did not make it back in to the repechage.

During their matches I introduced myself to their athletic trainer and doctor. The AT is from Colorado Springs and works near to the Olympic Training Center. He was very nice and helpful to me and didn't mind talking about athletic training and working with the athletes. One of the wrestlers injured his elbow, in his second match, so the AT came in to the store room to get some ice. He told me he had a possible Ulnar collateral ligament tear in his athlete and invited me to watch him evaluate it, of course I did. The AT went through a history, observation, palpation and special tests. He explained everything that he performed after speaking with the athlete. It was great to be able to be involved in that evaluation, there was no torn ligament.

This athletic trainer does not work with athletes of the other disciplines of wrestling so I did not see him much this week. After Tuesday he was gone and we haven't had any injuries in general in wrestling which is good although I haven't been able to observe because of that. The women's team and the freestyle have not had an athletic trainer, although team USA has had the same doctor here all week.

My volunteer job has changed a little bit. I'm not sure if it's good or bad honestly, I get to do more things, but only because a different group hasn't show up to do their job really. My team has started working as security of sorts during the day. We make sure that when athletes are making their way to the media that a. They don't skip out on press time and b. the spectators aren't crowding them and blocking their path. Their path crosses the areas spectators enter to get to their seats so I guess we are more of traffic control, telling spectators to stop and directing athletes and coaches in the right direction. It is kind of a nice job as we get to watch the wrestling matches and see the different countries reacting differently to winning or losing. Other than that my job is the same. In the morning I get things ready for the field of play, at 4pm we assist with weigh in's, and at the end of the day we help with clean up.

I now have two more shifts left and I am starting to get sad. Even though I haven't done as much athletic training type things as I would like I have loved being here! It's been exciting, I've made friends, I've observed a lot about how emergency action plans and medicine works in different countries, it's been a great experience and I'm not ready for it to end.

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