Monday, June 18, 2012

5.5 weeks

It's hard to believe that in 5 and a half weeks I will be on a plane to London, England. I have my papers and forms in a specific spot at my parents house, hopefully all ready to go, and although those are the important things; I feel like I'm missing something.
This weekend my life was consumed by the ballet. I moved in to the UWM dorms on Friday and unpacked. Decorated and prepared for students on Saturday, and students arrived Sunday. There are 87 students living in the dorms, give or take. It was pretty chaotic on Sunday explaining all the processes they will go through this summer and making sure everyone was in their correct room and had the right keys.
Now day one of classes all the students are nervous but don't want to ask questions even though they have them. Its kind of funny to watch them. But exciting to see the kids in their classes.

Now that I'm slightly counting down to my departure I'm trying to think of things that I want to do while I'm in London and have some free time.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Wow! It's pretty crazy how quickly time passes. A year and a half of applying, interviewing, planning and now the Olympics are 50 days away and I'm going! Now that I see how many days I'm hoping I can get everything done that I need to.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Reminders

Last week I received multiple emails from London regarding some "Role-Specific Training" that I needed to sign up for. These training sessions are either way in advance or way after the Olympics actually take place. Originally I emailed back saying that I would be unable to attend these training sessions due to airline ticket costs and travel. I did not hear back from London after I explained why I couldn't make the training. Later in the week I got a text saying I needed to pick my training.
Needless to say I started to worry. And my sister will tell you that this was ridiculous, but I was nervous that I would get an email or phone call from the London Olympic Organizing Committee telling me I was dismissed as a volunteer. They have the ability to dismiss my service whenever they choose fit and while I hope this doesn't happen I thought that being unable to attend a training session would give them reason to excuse me.
I logged into my olympic volunteer account and checked the box that stated I could not attend the training and left it at that. If they dismissed me that was it.
I put the issue out of my mind and enjoyed my sisters graduation from high school and final ballet performance as a student. While waiting in line to get seats at the ballet performance my mom began talking to the elderly couple that was standing behind us. During the course of the conversation she told them that I would be going to London as a volunteer for the Olympics. This embarrasses me, my parents often tell people that I am going to London as a volunteer and while I don't mind my parents talking about it when I'm not there I do not like them to talk about it when I'm standing next to them. It's not a bad thing but it embarrasses me. Anyways, the gentleman asked how my fundraising was going and I told him I have what I need to get there and get by. This man pulls out his wallet and, generously, hands me a 100 dollar bill.
I was absolutely shocked. I tried to give it back but he wouldn't let me. So I have $100 more towards my goal. Of course he will be getting a thank you letter like the rest of my sponsors. But I was floored that a perfect stranger who I interacted with for less than 5 minutes would do that.
Another reminder from God that I am in His hands. No matter what He is/does/will take care of me and the needs that I have. This gesture from that gentleman and the reminder from God encourage me that I am on the right path and that the London Committee will not dismiss me for not being able to attend the training.

I appreciate that God is humbling me and molding me through this experience.