Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time Flies

Well technically spring break starts in two days, but I don't have classes tomorrow or Friday, so I guess mine started today. I do have some assignments due tomorrow, and 5 hours in the athletic training room. But those things aren't stressful, sometimes the athletic training room is fun. Well most of the time it's fun, which is good because I want to spend the rest of my life in one I suppose.
I am incredibly ready for spring break though. This first half of the semester has been very stressful. It's been interesting being in this program, working, and living away from home. I like these things, but on different levels haha. OR in different ways is a better way of saying it.
School is stressful and hard. Not that its ever been super easy, but I'm pushing myself more and I feel like more is expected of me now because I already have a degree, because I'm older, and because I just should be a more serious and mature student. So most of that stress I have put on myself. I'm not a good student. I should be better.
Working is good. I'm getting a little bored with it. I have asked my boss if I can teach more consistently next year. He told me I could teach all the summer camps. But there was no definite answer about a year round school class. I do appreciate being able to work on homework while I'm at work though. And in two weeks I get to teach two classes.
Living at home this semester is different. I find myself more tired. I really just want to go to sleep when I'm at the apartment but I know I have other things to do. I also am unsure how to interact with my roommates. We are all on different levels, and have different personalities. We have different priorities and very different goals. Sometimes its just hard to live with other people. I have no idea what I will be doing next year.
Next week I'm hoping I can get a couple days off work and go to MN and visit my brother and his family. I miss them.
As far as the road to London. I have dropped off my final support raising piece. I have heard back from the Milwaukee Brewers, they cannot donate money, but I can request merchandise. I have heard from Dick's Sporting Goods, I need to make an online request.
On a different note: I began the application for the Sochi Russia 2014 Winter Games. If I'm going to do summer I should try and get winter on my resume also.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

AAaaaaannnnddddd We're Off

So this morning the first thing to do on my list.....send the rest of my support letters! DONE! I had about 20 letters sent out. I was pretty proud that I got them out in the mail. I'm excited and relieved to put these things in the mail, one thing off my list of to-do's. I've never raised support before so its kind of exciting to have this done. Even more excited to see what happens.

School is going well. Today I was pretty productive in the Athletic Training Room. I finished 5 practice logs and one clinical proficiency. Practice logs are things that I learn in class and have to preform for an upper level student or a certified athletic trainer. I have to do each skill twice and they are generally in groups of 8. So in the first 3 weeks of school I had to complete about 8 different skills twice and get someone above me in the program to sign my papers. So I got a few in the next set done. A clinical proficiency is a skill that we have to do that we are graded on. We are graded on our skills in completing the proficiency, what we say to the athlete/patient, etc. I have now done 4 of the 6 proficiencies we have to complete. I prefer working with athletes in real time as opposed to working in a mock situation with someone grading me. But its part of the program and its good experience.

Hopefully I will get some good responses from my support letters!