Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Going

Thats generally my answer when people ask me how things are. I'm busy. I work. I go to school. I typically don't get out. But its ok. Theres a purpose.
Last Friday I assisted in the "coverage" of a track and field meet at UWM. As much as I enjoy watching specific events, I can't say it was the most exciting time. Fortunately no one got hurt, and even though thats when I actually get to do something, no Athletic Trainer hopes that an athlete gets injured. But coverage was long. I was at UWM at 8am for classes, reported to the Athletic Training room at 1:30 and left finally at 10:15. It made a long day. I did enjoy myself though. Talking with the athletes and seeing them in action.
It was a busy weekend in addition to that. I worked from 8am-3pm on Saturday at Milwaukee Ballet. I got a lot of homework done so that was super good. After I was finished with work my sister and I made our way to O'hare International Airport. We had to catch a flight to Atlanta, GA.
My younger sister, who is a senior in high school, is currently pursuing a professional job as a Ballet Dancer. She had an audition in Atlanta on Sunday and I volunteered to go with her. We got to Atlanta about 11pm rented a car and drove about an hour to our cousins house to spend the night. She had her audition on Sunday morning which went well for her. Then we went right back to the airport, got there around 2pm. All flights to Chicago were of course oversold. Stacey and I enjoyed our time waiting in the gate area and walking around the airport and we finally got on a flight at 630pm. Made it back to Milwaukee about 10.
It was a good, successful trip and I'm super proud of my sister for going to the audition and performing as she did. I'm excited for her to continue with her auditions and pursuit of a professional job in ballet!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


The title of this blog is dedicated to my little brother. He's 15 and his favorite thing to say is "wait...what?" Sometimes just to annoy his family members...rarely does he say these words because he actually didn't hear the person talking. He's great!
Anyways, the reason for this title: For the first time since going back to school I second guessed the decision. Not just questioned the decision, which I have done before, I seriously thought maybe I should drop out. This came about I believe on Tuesday of this past week. I was not happy with this feeling of un-surety. The reason for this: One of the athletic trainers, who works for UWM, had a birthday. We sang to her, she smiled, then I found out; she had just turned 23. That was the moment I thought "Wait....what?" I turned 24 in December, and now I will be working under and taking some hard criticism from someone a year younger than me. For the rest of my rotation in the athletic training room, roughly 4 hours, all I could think about was how I should have transferred from Northwestern and gone to an accredited school, then that would be me.
But I didn't. And reflecting on this week, and my decisions that have led me here, I'm glad. Despite that after spring break I will be working very closely with this woman I'm ok with it. I'm learning to trust in God during this, let go of my pride, be humble, be the "newbie" and learn/absorb whatever I can. I am the student, and this was my choice. And I think it was the right one.
During my time at Northwestern I met some great people, I had my first mentor and will cherish her forever, I developed a friendship that will last my whole life, I led a hall of women and learned how to be a leader, and I was pushed to pursue and take on the role as an intern with the United States Olympic Committee. Which brings me here. So many things would not have happened if I had transferred from Northwestern College.
Ultimately I wouldn't be volunteering for the Olympics. God has been faithful, despite the many times I have fallen and disappointed Him. So this position that I am in is a learning experience and will be something I look back on and cherish.....Hopefully