Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Information Overload

So two weeks ago I got a call from Dr. Jennifer Earl of UWM. She was calling to tell me that I had passed the application process, interview and everything, to be selected as a first semester athletic training student in the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee's Athletic Training Education Program! I was so excited. After I had my initial interview I was not confident at all, I felt like they could make a decision either way. I felt like I had interviewed well but I just wasn't confident that I would be admitted into the program.
Fast forward to day 2 of classes in the spring semester..........completely freaking out right now! I knew this semester was going to be a lot of work, but I finally got all the information today of what I will be doing.....WOW. UWM sure knows how to run an athletic training program. In addition to the 8-10 hours a week I will spend in the Athletic Training room with the Track team (which honestly isn't that many) I will have to complete 15 PDU's, which is basically the undergraduate student equivalent of CEU's, 6 clinical proficiency's, which I still don't know what that means, x amount of clinical hours each month, in addition to exams and homework. That's for one 3 credit class! Once that class was finished I was talking with some of my classmates and we were all saying how we had no idea what any of the papers we were handed meant. SO CONFUSED!
It's ok though. I'm slightly excited for the semester. Its going to be a lot of work, and even though I don't feel prepared for it I think I'm ready. Weird, maybe a little, but athletic training is something I love, so hopefully, aside from reading textbooks, I will be motivated to complete all my work and I will enjoy it also :).
On another note, I have one support letter out to a contact. I hope to get another two out this week. The semester is moving and the London Olympics are coming, even though they seem far away, I got to get a move on with my arrangements!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pictures from London

I decided it was time to put up some pictures from my trip to London! Enjoy!!
I was in Trafalgar Square for this picture. Lots of people around, it's a big tourist site. But they had a countdown for the Olympic and Paralympic Games so I had to get a picture! :)
Trafalgar Square

Had to be a tourist and see the Palace!

This was where the wrestling competition took place

View from the stands